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INCINERATORSENCON Incinerator is manufactured in collaboration with WESTLAND INCINERATOR COMPANY LTD, CANADA. Westland is a world renowned manufacturer of incinerators for all types of waste. We understand that various hazardous, biochemical and biomedical waste have become a threatening problem to the natural environment, in order to protect the environment from these hazardous wastes, we build reliable Incineration systems. We design and install these systems as per customers' requirements.

Encon - Westland is proud to be associated with Alberta Research Council (ARC), CANADA. They conducted waste incineration research in support of formulation and enforcement of regulatory standards, with emphasis on promoting complete combustion. It has the expertise in incinerator design and operations together we worked towards developing an appropriate technology to meet the criteria of simplicity in design, manufacture, operation and maintenance to reduce capital and operating costs, and robustness to process a wide variety of wastes and to consistently meet strict environmental standards. This partnership started in 2004 and has produced continuous improvements in the design and operation of the system, starting from a manually operated prototype that served as a basis for a simple yet effective control system to one that incorporates energy recovery and a "fine polishing" emission control system that ensures meeting the most stringent air emission standards.


We manufacture a variety of combustion systems that are utilized to incinerate various types of waste, odors and air pollutants.

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Dual-chamber design, starved air operation:
A Conventional approach has been adopted to minimize emission of particulate matter, and to provide sufficient oxygen, turbulence, high temperature and residence time in the secondary chamber for complete combustion.

Venturi scrubber:
Another well proven approach has been adopted to quench the hot flue gas and to remove particulate matter and acid gases. A simple system without clogging or plugging potential has been designed for removal of liquid droplets in the outlet gas.

A PLC based control system based on "first principles" of combustion has been designed and tested which prevents "black smoke" generation, maximizes capacity and minimizes use of auxiliary fuel.

Energy Recovery:
A condensing heat exchanger is used to recover energy in the form of hot water.

Fine polishing emission control:
To ensure meeting not only standards for particulate matter and acid gases, but also trace organic compounds and other pollutants, activated carbon and HEPA filters are used. The resulting system is identical to that used in the ARC's research facility, which has proven performance to meet very strict air emission standards.

We design, manufacture & supply various kind of "Incinerators Systems" for all kinds of solid & liquid waste.
  • Biomedical / Hospital Waste
  • Effluent / Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Pathological Waste
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Waste
  • Industrial Waste
  • Hazardous / Municipal Waste
  • Waste Disposal System For Hotel / Canteen Waste
  • Secret Document Disposal
  • Slaughter House - Animal Carcases
We are capable of providing compact design, which occupies minimum space and shows high efficiency in operations. The systems are designed by the scientifically expertized professionals / engineers / scientist form ARC. We make use of the latest techniques and high quality materials, provided with high tech control panel, resulting in easy operation and minimum manpower requirement. Our company's sheer sincere hard-work towards maintaining a healthy environment has marked a distinct identification mark in the Domestic and International markets.
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