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We have Classified our Customers in the following categories :

List of Customers of Government and Public Sector Units
List of Customers of ENCON Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnaces
List of Customers of ENCON Billet Re-Heating Furnaces
List of Customers of ENCON Oil Fired Bogie Hearth Furnaces
List of Customers of ENCON Electric Furnaces
List of Customers of Incinerators
Customers of Incinerators
M/s. Alberta Ltd
Abitibi Consolidated Inc
Ace Enterprises Inc.
M/s. Babine Logging Camp Ltd.
Bendickson Contractors Ltd.
CC Transport
C.R. Furnace Service
D.I.A.N.D. /Action on Waste
D.L.B Consulting
ECHO Bay Developments
ECHO Bay Mines
Finay Forest Industries
Fletcher Challenge Canada
M/s. Gasfield Electric & Instrumentation Ltd.
Glacier Electric Ltd.
Hakai Beach Resort
Halford Hide & Leather Co.

Indian & North Affairs Canada

Industrial Environment Services
Jo-Kat Holdings
Joe Martins & Sons Ltd.
Kemess Mines
Kwatna Timber Ltd.
LAC Minerals Ltd
Larry’s Quality Heating & Plumbing
M.D. of Smoky River
M.J. Thibodequ
Narco Canada Incorporated
Nabors Drilling Ltd.
Olympic Forest Products Ltd.

P.T.I. Group Inc.

P.T.I. Camp Services.
Quality Signs
Queen Charlotte Lodge
R & G Camp Service
Rand Exploration Ltd.
S.W.C. Environmental
Sea-Can Containers Ltd.
Tackama Forest Products Ltd
Takla Forest Management Inc.
Universal Rewind
Unocal Canada Ltd.
Vernon Lake Timber
Weather Haven Resources

Zeta Oilfield Rentals Ltd.

Yamaha Motors (I) Ltd., Surajpur (U.P).

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